b'\x1b\x1a\x19 \x1f\x18\x1d\x17\x16Get With the ProgramSAFE IN THE NESTBy JetCAM International SARLA SCO Power Technologies, which is headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey, and has a facility in Lexington, North Carolina, manu-factures automatic transfer switches, switchgear and other power man-agement products. The company has usedJetCAM Expert nesting software since receiving it with a Finn-Power 880 CNC punch press in 1997. Its performance provided a stark con-trast to the different nesting software systems driving other machines at the facility at that time.We used a range of nesting soft-ware systems supplied alongside machines at the time, with varying issues, said Fabrication Specialist James Hunley. One was slow and not user-friendlymore of a CAD system than software designed for punching. Functions, such as batch nesting, were very cumbersome. We moved to another system, which resolved some of the issues of its predecessor but brought its own problems. Making changes often required you to start overnot convenient when youd just spent 20 minutes tooling a part.Having multiple nesting systems,JetCAM InternationalASCO Power Technologies manufactures automatic transfer switches, switchgear and other eachdrivingspecificmachines,power management products.caused its own issues as employees were less knowledgeable on somego back to the engineering depart- systems.Why,whenwecando systems than others. This also re- ment to get changes made to thethings faster in JetCAM, would we sulted in problems during holidaysCAD file before trying again. not use it for everything?or sick leaves. Retooling jobs forAfter using JetCAM Expert along- The decision was made around other machines often required goingside other systems, he realized that2005 to standardize on JetCAM Ex-back to DXF files and starting again. it was outperforming them. pert for all new machines.One system was unreliable atWe started to wonder what elseWeve run a number of bench-applying tooling if the part was notit could drive, Hunley said. It wasmark comparisons over the years, created perfectly in CAD, Hunleythe most user-friendly, and finan- and each time JetCAM outper-said. This meant that wed have tocially it was cheaper than otherformedothersystemsbothin 8JUNE 2021 GetwiththeProgram.indd 8 5/14/21 1:37 PM'