b'Productive TimesFIXTURING A BIG RINGI n challenging economic times,END USER SOLUTION PROVIDERSpart manufacturers typically are loath to outsource a job to a com- Akron Gear &Atwood Industries Inc. Mitee-Bite Products petitor when theres a way to do itEngineering Inc. 800-362-2059 LLCin-house. Akron (Ohio) Gear & En- 800-258-6608 www.atwoodindustries. 800-543-3580gineering Inc. faced this situationwww.akrongear.com com www.miteebite.coma year ago when COVID-19 signifi-cantly reduced the workload at theCHALLENGE Effectively hold a large workpiece on a verticalcompany. It specializes in machin- machining center.ing large parts, including industrialSOLUTION Use various clamps, fixture stops and pins.gears, and didnt want to pass on a project to make a 0.9 metric ton (1 ton) ring made of 4340 steel even though the most appropriate ma-chine for the job was being rebuilt, said Akron Gear & Engineerings Dennis Miller.The expense of the whole job was more than if we would have farmed it out, he said, noting the high cost for required tooling. But if we werent able to do (it), we may have lost their business. We didnt want to take a gamble.With its largest vertical turret lathe, which has a 3,098.8 mm (122") ca-pacity, unavailable at the time, Akron Gear & Engineering needed to ma-chine the ring on its Juaristi horizon-tal CNC boring mill but didnt have the necessary fixturing. Using the boring mill instead of the VTL re-quired the ring to be held vertically rather than horizontally. The boring mill with 3+2 capability has capaci-ties of 2,997.2 mm (118") on the x-axis, 2,413 mm (95") on the y-axis and 711.2 mm (28") on the spindle.Miller contacted a familiar work-holding supplier for a solution but never heard back. Unwilling to wait anylonger,hecalledindustrial A 0.9 metric ton ring is bored at Akron Gear & Engineering.Mitee-Bite Productsctemag.com/cteguide.com41ProTimes.indd 41 5/14/21 2:38 PM'