b'Productive Timesdistributor Atwood Industries Inc. in Cleveland, which recommended workholding from Mitee-Bite Prod-ucts LLC in Center Ossipee, New Hampshire. After discussing the job with Michael Witzgall, senior ap-plications manager at Mitee-Bite Products, a modular arrangement mounted on T-slot subplates was recommended. The workholding devices included Mitee-Bite Prod-ucts Heavy Duty T-slot clamps with blunt-edge Pitbull clamps and large multifixture stops for the first op-eration, then modular XYZ Xpan-sion pins for ID, OD and facing operations.The modular design was vital with this application to avoid distor-tion from clamping pressure, said David Bishop, general manager of Filtermist_Ad_CTE_847_Layout 112/9/202:26 PMPaMitee-Bite Products. Large, one- OIL MIST & SMOKEIN YOUR SHOP?www.mistcollectors.compiece runs leave very little room foroptions. Mounting the T-slot plates Tel: 1-800-645-4174 error. Preventing distortion with thiscentered on the rings diameter al-heavy, ring-shaped part requiredlows placement of all clamps and solid communication with the cus- hard stops into a static position and Low-Cost, Highly Efficient Mist and Smoketomer, an extensive brainstorm- then applying contact pressure in Collectors Designed Specifically for the Metalworking Industry ing session and CAD simulationsmall increments equally in all direc-software to recommend the besttions until sufficient holding force was achieved.Lacking experience with goods from Mitee-Bite Products, Miller worried whether its workholders would be up to the task of holding the massive part.If the clamps or pins fail, he said, its coming down on me. You have to put your faith and trust into the salesman who is selling them to you, hoping he is not exaggerating on the quality of his parts.Bishop estimated that it would take more than 4,536 kg (10,000 lbs.) of force to shear an XYZ Xpansion 42JUNE 2021 ProTimes.indd 42 5/14/21 2:38 PM'