b'A detail is displayed of Mitee-Bite Products fixturing that Akron Gear& Engineering used to hold a 0.9 metric ton ring.Miller began the work by applyingindicating the bore countless times. a 152.4 mm (6") facemill to cover theJust goes to show you that you dont entire face in one pass. Adding to hisneed the biggest clamp to hold the concerns about vibration and chat- bigger parts.ter, the crust of the workpiece mate- Aftercompletingthejob,he rial was harder than the subsurface. asked the sales representative at I switched to a 4" (101.6 mm) fa- the initial supplier that Akron Gear cemill to get through the surface,& Engineering had considered why he said. Once below the crust, I wasthe sales rep never replied.able to go back to (a) 6" mill. He blamed it on COVID-19, Miller said the larger facemill ran atMiller said.a 1.524 mm (0.06") DOC and a 2,286What really impressed me was mm/min. (90 ipm) feed rate to helphow quickly (Akron Gear & Engi-minimize vibration. A 1.83 m (6\') bor- neering) put the plan in action, ing bar from Allied Machine & En- Bishop said. As the old saying gineering Corp. with a single-pointgoes, if youre not making chips, insert was used to finish the OD andyoure not making money.CTEID, taking from 0.508 to 0.762 mm (0.02" to 0.03") DOC per pass to remove the remaining 3.175 mmDrills, Reamers (0.125") of material on both features. and Endmills!He said the T-slot subplates were Mitee-Bite Products machined flat with a recess on both the ID and OD so that when the bor-pin, which is made of 17-4 PH stain- ing bar cleared the edge, the bar less steel. would not contact the subplates. We were not concerned aboutThey were bolted or clamped ontoCJT Koolcarb and GenHam are any lack of strength in the x, y and zthe angle plates, and the PitbullManufacturers of Highdirections, he said. clamps held the part in the first set. Production Cutting Tools! Custom and Standards, SolidMiller said the OD of the ringWith this setup, I was able toCarbide, Carbide Tipped, measures 2,247.9 mm (88.5"), themill and finish one face and drillDiamond Tipped, Coolant and ID is 1,993.9 mm (78.5") and theand ream the holes in the part,Non Coolant fed. Builtto your tool print or designedto meet thickness is 107.95 mm (4.25"). As itMiller said. Once this operationyour applicationbased on turned out, the part was taller thanwas done, the ring was removed andyour part print. Akron Gear & Engineerings angleholes were drilled and tapped into plates, preventing the top sectionthe subplates for the Xpansion pins. from being clamped. Once the pins were tightened down,Diamond Tooling Plant, It took a lot longer than whatI started the second side by millingColorado www.genham.com was expected because machiningthe face and then circle milling the IDPH. 1-970-249-1300 the unclamped area on the top pro- and OD to 0.125" from finish size. Carbide Tooling Plant, Illinois www.cjtkoolcarb.com duced a lot of vibration, he said,He said the XYZ Xpansion pinsPH. 1-800-323-2299 adding that the ring took about aleavethepartfreefromclampMade in the U.S. visit our website week to machine on the verticalinterference. to request a catalog, or call us for turning center. If we did it on theWe can do three sides in oneadditonal information or to find Local Salesperson or Distributor! larger VTL, we could have done thesetup, Miller said, saving a load ofISO9001:2015 CERTIFIEDentire job in two days. setup time from moving clamps and ctemag.com/cteguide.com43ProTimes.indd 43 5/14/21 2:38 PM'