b'Everybody loved the little 5" for space savings and overall ease of use.Yonkers said. So it is very easy to set up and run even for a beginner.He added, however, that the con-trol also offers many advanced fea-tures that allow experts to program complex parts. In addition, he said it does a good job of handling third-party programs.You can take any program for a two-axis lathe and put it in this con- Lower Your Coststrol, and it will run with no hesita-tion, Yonkers said. with PCD ReconditioningBoth the 5" and 8" lathes come with a three-year warranty that in- Services from Starcludes the control. For users need-ing expert assistance, Palmgren of-Reconditioning of allfers a free app that can be down- manufacturers tools backloaded onto a phone or tablet.to original conditionThese devices serve as a micro-phone and camera for users as they Redesigned solutions forcommunicate with him or one of hisproblematic toolscolleagues, who provide help with programming parts and solving ma-Traditional reconditioning or Michigan PCD Reconditioning Centerchine-related problems. advanced laser technology Although they offer a number of attractions, these budget lathes USA-located facilityhave limitations and are not meant to be a low-cost replacement for expensive machines with high-endAsk about ourfeatures.If a customer is looking for afast turnaround Traditional Reconditioning Technologymulti-axislathe,(the5"lathe) doesnt have that capability, Yon-kers said. But if there is someoneFor more information orwho is looking for a simple two-axisto request a quote, justlathe, this is it.CTE call Star at 248-474-8200 or visit star-su.com Laser Chip Breaker Technologyabout the author William Leventon is a contributing writer for CTE. Contact him at248-474-8200609-920-3335www.star-su.comor wleventon@gmail.com.ctemag.com/cteguide.com7MachineTech.indd 7 5/14/21 1:34 PM'