b'\x1b\x1a\x19 \x1f\x18\x1d\x17\x16Machine TechnologyTURNING ON A BUDGETit would do the same part at theYonkers said. They have a full cast-By William Leventon same time and you wouldnt noticeiron frame and base, so they dont a difference between the two. twist and move around a lot like B oth hobbyists and professionalsIn China, every one of the slant- some lower-end CNCs do when looking for an economical op- bed lathes is manufactured andtheir frames are bolted together.tion for machining small parts cantested to ensure that it meets highInaddition,the5"machine turn to the 127 mm (5") slant-bedquality and accuracy standards, ac- weighs almost 635 kg (1,400 lbs.), lathe from Palmgren. cording to Palmgren. When theso its no lightweight even though When we launched it, every- machines arrive at Yonkers facility,its compact. The 8" version weighs body loved the little 5" for spacehe tests them as well and reports1,497 kg (3,300 lbs.).savings and overall ease of use,repeatability accuracy of aroundIt is not something you are going said Donald Yonkers, parts and ser- 0.000381 mm (0.000015"). to put on a benchtop, which will af-vice manager at Naperville, Illinois- The company attributes this accu- fect accuracy, Yonkers said.based C.H. Hanson Co., which ownsracy in part to the use of high-preci- The lathes also feature an easy-the Palmgren brand. You can putsion linear rails for positioning the x-to-use Siemens 808 control, accord-this in your garage and be makingand z-axes. Another key factor is theing to Palmgren.parts in an hour. rigid construction of the machines. Although the control lacks con-Suitableforparts31.75mmTheyre built like big CNC ma- versational features, it will guide (1.25") or less in diameter, the 5"chineswithaccuracyinmind,you through what you need to do, turning center also can be used at machine shops for short production runs, one-offs and prototyping. The small size and footprint of the latheit measures 1.4 m (55") long, 0.77 m (30.25") wide and 1.6 m (63") highmake it a good choice for shops in need of a secondary machine or an additional chuck, according to Palmgren. For larger parts, the com-pany offers a 203.2 mm (8") version of the lathe measuring 2.08 m (82") long, 1.65 m (65") wide and 1.8 m (71") high.Priced at about $26,000, the 5" lathe certainly falls into the bud-get category. But Yonkers maintains that users wont be compromising on part quality.If I put this machine next to a (high-end) CNC machine, he said, The 5" slant-bed lathe is a compact, low-priced machine for making small parts at a garage or machine shop. Palmgren6JUNE 2021 MachineTech.indd 6 5/14/21 1:34 PM'