b'Magic Markers application requirements. Or in-stead of a bold black mark, time-consciousmanufacturersmight individual characters in a mark and/ have to opt for a dark gray one.or cut the amount of content in a mark. So, for example, instead ofManaging the Downsides12 characters that are each 4 mmTweaking the process to meet (0.16") high, a mark may have toapplication requirements isnt the be reduced to five characters thatonly item on the to-do list for man-are each 3 mm (0.12") high to meetufacturers that choose on-the-fly laser marking. Another aspect is fig-uring out how to deal with the po-tential danger posed by the laser in a production environment.With fiber lasers, one of the unique challenges is that human eyes cant see the light, Jones said. It can detach your retina in a frac-tion of the time that it takes for you to even know that you blinkedand you are permanently blind. So often you have to shield the system or enclose the entire room away from human eyes.When a Laserax system is in-stalled, the marking area is partially enclosed to ensure that it is Class 1 in terms of laser safety, Landry said.20JUNE 2021PartsMarking.indd 20 5/17/21 11:20 AM'