b"its tight integration with JetCAM Expert. In 2017, ASCOtheir products better than JetCAM.Power Technologies went live with DMM, with opera- When ASCO Power Technologies first received Jet-tors able to request nests on demand. CAM Expert, training was provided by the machine Previously, operators might cherry-pick easiertool vendor. Since then, new workers have been trained nests, Hunley said. Now we are driven by data. DMMin-house by existing users or through short online ses-knows what parts to make and the next machine avail- sions with NestOne Solutions technical staff. ASCO able, so it will send the parts for dynamic nesting toPower Technologies also takes advantage of JetCAM JetCAM, with NC code then quickly being ready. ThisUniversity, which has hundreds of brief videos online ensures that the machines are always busy. The partner- that detail specific features.We needed a stable and consistent solution for all of our machines.ship between Aquila and JetCAM was a seamless fit. Over the years, Hunley said, Ive dealt with maybe Real-world scenarios also can be managed, with com- six or seven other systems, and JetCAM is superior to plex parts, such as louvers, handled using static nests. all of them. To date, whenever weve purchased a new DMM allows us to work outside of the automatedmachine, weve just called NestOne for a post, which processes if we need to, Hunley said. It sees thehas always been available. As we move forward, any new order and knows that this requires an existing staticmachines that we purchase that can run JetCAM will be JetCAM nest instead of a new dynamic one. Fully au- running JetCAM.CTEtomating the nesting process freed up one persons job by 95%. Now he just programs parts and oversees the DMM schedules. It's easy to say your tooling ASCO Power Technologies regularly has taken a main- solves problems . tenance contract and benefited from features in new releases. He said there has been a continual trend ofIt's harder to prove it. improvement, especially with algorithms in the software. We prove it every day.These have evolved over the years, Hunley said. Issues were uncommon to start with anyway, but now they are more of a rarity. The number of manual interac-tions is probably down by 80%.With a previous supplier, support was a major issue. Calls would go unanswered, and on one occasion the vendor denied support unless ASCO Power Technolo-gies spent $60,000 to upgrade software despite already paying for maintenance. With JetCAM International, the support requirement has been significantly lower, and the quality of responses has been much higher.I cannot say enough about what JetCAM and theirStuck on a tough tooling challenge? Let us help.distributor NestOne bring to the table in terms of re- Heimatec isnt just a world leader in live tools, angle heads and sponse time, Hunley said. We dont need to call somulti-spindle drill heads; were your source for problem solving and tooling application expertise.often due to the level of automation, but Id be hard- With years of hands-on experience and the most innovative pressed to believe that any company would servicetooling, we are your TOTAL solution source. Platinum Tooling is now the exclusive importer of Heimatec products in North America.about the author16 E. Piper Lane, Ste.128Prospect Heights, ILFor more information about JetCAM International847-749-0633SARL in Monaco, call +44 (0)870 760 6469 or visitinfo@platinumtooling.comwww.jetcam.com. www.platinumtooling.comctemag.com/cteguide.com11Pllatinum Tooling AD5771 (H) Color 1/4 pg CTE 2019GetwiththeProgram.indd 11 5/14/21 1:37 PM"